Ziua 7/100 – ziua relațiilor nedefinite

17 Apr

Yesterday I realized that relationships are sensitive to any real or imaginary abuse.
I did  not write for 4 days because something special happened  and I let this event  not to be a public one.  I have  met some very special people from whom I have  learned three things:
-first –  never  rush somebody from the team, if you trust somebody he(she) will show you respect and will never be  late,
-second – never gossip in private or public, the gossip also shows disrespect,
– third – do your job and do not care about the other`s if only you are the leader.
I learned from the Bible that faith is more important than traditions. When I realized this it was interesting to see how many times the Bible says that we shoud not add nor take out anything from it. Obidience is a deep desire to do what is right in God`s plan. It is not good to lessen the higt God`s standarts.
Sports was not the part of my plans and because of this I will do my best these four days that follow. These four days I did not have time to read books, but I will try my best to recover.
I will continue my 100 days from today (22.04) because so far  I have had  time only for improving my English and meeting  new people.
My plan has restarted.  Wish me good luck.


Un răspuns to “Ziua 7/100 – ziua relațiilor nedefinite”

  1. Marion W. Deleon Mai 8, 2013 la 23:08 #

    Now let me point this out … I didn’t ask you to pray for me because something is wrong, I just need you to pray. I didn’t ask you to pray for me because there’s something that I need, I just simply need you to pray. See, somebody is dealing with some things that don’t even make sense in their natural eyes but hold on because when you look at those same things through spiritual eyes, it’ll all make sense. So while you’re praying for me let me pray for you.

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