Ziua 7/100 – ziua relațiilor nedefinite

Yesterday I realized that relationships are sensitive to any real or imaginary abuse.
I did  not write for 4 days because something special happened  and I let this event  not to be a public one.  I have  met some very special people from whom I have  learned three things:
-first –  never  rush somebody from the team, if you trust somebody he(she) will show you respect and will never be  late,
-second – never gossip in private or public, the gossip also shows disrespect,

  • third – do your job and do not care about the other`s if only you are the leader.

I learned from the Bible that faith is more important than traditions. When I realized this it was interesting to see how many times the Bible says that we shoud not add nor take out anything from it. Obidience is a deep desire to do what is right in God`s plan. It is not good to lessen the higt God`s standarts.
Sports was not the part of my plans and because of this I will do my best these four days that follow. These four days I did not have time to read books, but I will try my best to recover.
I will continue my 100 days from today (22.04) because so far  I have had  time only for improving my English and meeting  new people.
My plan has restarted.  Wish me good luck.